10 Cat Breeds in Which Cats are Hypoallergenic

The Balinese Cat

The Balinese, sometimes known as the long-haired Siamese. A popular cat breed due to its reputation for intelligence, flexibility, and friendliness.

Slavic Cat

It has been hypothesized that Siberians, like Balinese, have lower levels of the Feld 1 protein than other cat breeds. Siberian tigers can be found in a rainbow of colors.

Asian Short Haired Terrier

Longhair and shorthair cats are in the Oriental breed. But people who are allergic to cats may find that the shorthaired Oriental Shorthair is less of a problem.

Devon Rex Cat

The Devon Rex is one of the least shedding cat breeds because of its thin, fine hair. In general, the Devon Rex won't need much grooming maintenance.