Compared to many other dogs, chihuahuas have relatively smaller bladders. They must use the loo more frequently because they are smaller.

In contrast to puppy pad or outdoor training, many toy breeds are trained to use litter boxes, even though it's a foreign notion to most..

5 Steps to Potty Train Your Chihuahua

1.Choose the Spot

Let your Chihuahua smell and investigate the place to introduce them. Soon, they will become familiar with and comprehend when it's time to use the loo.

2. Set a Schedule

Maintaining a regular schedule will do more for your Chihuahua than anything else.

3. Search for visual hints

If your Chihuahua has an urge, you may observe body language such as sniffing or getting agitated.

4. Pick a Word

You can use any singular term you like, such as "potty," "outside," or any other. Your Chihuahua will quickly be able to link the word to the activity.

5.Maintain Your Routine

More of the exact same activities are repeated the longer you persist with something. Your Chihuahua will all learn eventually.