All You Need to Know About Pet Sitter Insurance

What is Pet Sitter Insurance ?

Insurance, whether it be for a pet sitter or anything else, is not a particularly riveting topic. Practically everyone would instead not think about the specifics of their liability insurance.

liability insurance is essential 

There are primarily four major insurance providers in the United States that cater to pet sitting businesses. All the information I could discover is included in the list below.

Exactly why is Pet Sitting Insurance Necessary?

In most cases, taking care of a pet for another person is a positive experience for everyone involved. Nobody likes to get their hands on a bill for many thousand dollars or pounds once the sitting is over.

Pet sitters’ insurance protects whom?

If the pet causes:  death or injury to a person; or loss or damage to their property, the sitter is protected by the policy from having to pay damages and costs "to others which originate from any single event occurring during a sit.