History of

French Bulldog Pitbull Mix

French Bulldog Pitbull Mix were intended to be a miniature replica of the English Bulldog for bull-baiting sport. When blood sports were made illegal in 1835, the Bulldog was crossed to give rise to the French Bulldog,

Immigrants from the British Isles arrived with their French Bulldog breeds and Pit Bulls in the United States of America for the Civil War. In US, the Pit Bull Terrier was dubbed the “American Pit Bull Terrier.”

The French Bulldog Pitbull Mix was created as a result of the ‘designer dog’ fad. The practice of cross-breeding two pure-breed canines gained popularity in the 1990s.

The French Bulldog Pitbull Mix, also called the French Pitbull or the American French Bull Terrier sports huge and prominent “bat ears,”