Dogs for Bed Bugs: How Can This Help?

How To Identify Dogs For Bed Bugs

The practice of relying on bedbug-sniffing dogs to identify bed bugs is becoming prevalent worldwide. These elusive creatures may be tiny, but don’t let their size fool you because they create huge trouble. However, the main concern is whether you can rely on the canines to search for actual bugs and why several pest companies are switching to this practice too.

Being aware of the reason behind these ongoings is essential to gain a better insight into whether you should adopt the same technique. This important dogs for bed bugsguide will help you learn everything about bedbug-sniffing dogs if this unique power of theirs is reliable and accurate.

How do Dogs Identify Bed Bugs?

In 2011, dogs got certification for pest detection assistance. Since then, they have become a faithful friend to pest control technicians enabling them to detect bed bugs in various standard and hard-to-reach locations effectively and more efficiently. You’re probably wondering what allows these canine creatures to possess such power.

dog identify bed bugs

Here are some techniques used by these dogs to identify bed bugs:

1. Continuous High-Level Training:

 Firstly, dogs must undergo high-level training continuously to become adept at distinguishing bed bugs from other pests in the household. This training is based on reinforcement, including a food reward system.

2. Use of Scratching:

One way to know that you can rely on dogs for bed bugs is to pay attention if you find your dog scratching near a surface or a wall. This usually indicates that the dog is notifying its owner, and nesting is occurring in that particular area.

3. Smell Over Sight:

Dogs use their olfactory traits to perform the function of identifying bed bugs. They use their sense of smell rather than their sense of sight to find and recognizethe scent of bed bugs. Dogs are trained to detect the unique pheromones emitted by bed bugs, allowing them to identify these insects even in hidden areas such as crevices and behind walls.

Why should you Rely on Dogs for Bed Bugs?

rely on dogs bed bugs

If your house or any other space has been infested by the uninvited creatures called bed bugs, you’re probably wondering if you can rely on dogs for bed bugs, and fortunately, the answer is yes!

Here are some reasons why depending on bedbug-sniffing dogs can help you get rid of an infestation:

1. Backed by Research:

Many studies have been conducted to check the accuracy and efficacy of dogs for bed bug identification, and the results are mostly positive. It is scientifically proven that a dog’s nose can act as the inspection tool with the most accuracy. Since dogs have a keen sense of smell, it allows them to locate many things, which is why you see them assisting officers when a person goes missing too. Hence, they can certainly work for bed bugs too!

2. Efficiency and Accuracy:

There are over 220 million olfactory receptors present in a dog’s nose. Adding to this, all that a dog with these many receptors is looking for is just one smell which is that of a bed bug. To make a brief comparison, a human inspector might take an hour to complete this bed bug search with accuracy in a bedroom, but if you rely on dogs for bed bugs, it takes a trained dog only a matter of a few minutes to do the same thing. Most of all, they do it with more and better accuracy.

3. Peace of Mind:

Since dogs can help you identify and recognize bed bugs by using their olfactory receptors, you save a lot of time and energy. Moreover, their detection is accurate almost all the time. Hence, you can enjoy peace of mind and rest easy knowing that you have someone you can depend upon when it comes to preventing infestation.

Benefits of Dogs for Bed Bugs

One of the main things you should understand when it comes to using dogs for bed bugs is that they are not there to help you eliminate the infestation, but rather, they are there to help you determine if there is an infestation and if the space requires extermination. On that note, here are the key benefits of bringing in these loyal and intelligent creatures as early as you can for the detection process.

benefits of dogs bed bugs

1. Instant Inspection:

As mentioned earlier, it takes a human far more time to detect a bed bug than a dog can use its unique olfactory power to identify pest-spreading creatures. This is because humans perform a visual inspection, whereas dogs perform sniffing, giving them the advantage. Dogs have a stronger sense of smell, and since aroma has a broader travel range, it helps investigate. Moreover, a trained dog knows precisely what scent it should be looking for, which makes the process much easier and quicker.

2. Better Accuracy:

One of the most imperative and unforgettable benefits of relying on dogs for bed bugs is that they have a better quality of accuracy. They can identify bed bugs more accurately than humans, which is handy since bed bugs are experts at concealing themselves pretty well. A pest infection can spread quickly. By the time you see the bed bug and think of eliminating the same, the situation may have already elevated. Hence, a trained bedbug-sniffing dog and a skilled handler can be the perfect pair when it comes to accurate bedbug detection.

3. Cost Efficient:

Not only are dogs time-efficient for finding bed bugs, but they can also make the task highly cost-efficient. Due to the dogs’ accurate detection of the bugs, you can save money by putting your extermination efforts only in areas that require treatment.

Final Thoughts

Using dogs for bed bugs can undoubtedly be an excellent solution for preventing and eliminating pest infestation. It can offer you peace of mind by helping you keep the troublesome tiny creatures at bay. Hence, if you find yourself ever falling into the trap of bed bugs, turning to a trained dog is a good idea!

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