Making A Choice for Dog Beds for Small Dogs?

Making A Choice for Dog Beds for Small Dogs?

Pets have become a part of our life, especially dogs. Dogs in today’s era are no less than family members. Their comfort has been prioritized just like a family member. Beds are prominent. However, choosing dog beds for small dogs is a tough task. Dog beds are available in different varieties, simple, fancy, expensive, or homemade

This article comprises all the answers to “How should one choose a dog bed for their pup? Is it necessary? What kind of dog bed will suit your puppy?”

Does Your Dog Need a Bed?


Though we don’t mind letting our pet sleep in our beds, a dog bed is far better. Moreover, more than one bed for pets is better. 

There are endless benefits of dog beds:

  • They are used for sleeping at night and napping during the day.
  • Beds are not rigid like floors. It will keep the dog warm, prevent calluses, and support arthritic joints. Mattresses allow pets to have a space all for themselves.
  • Those parents who are allergic to dogs can make their pet sleep in dog beds next to their beds.
  • Moreover, it is straightforward to carry a dog’s bed for traveling so that your dog feels comfortable and can sleep well. Dogs will rest easy and will feel less anxious.
  • Dogs’ beds are easier to clean. Washing the dog’s bed is also possible. This helps in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Pets often get infested with fleas and mites or might roll in something stinky. In such cases, a washable bed is beneficial.
  • Dog beds are meant for the pet’s comfort. Thus, it must not feel trapped in it. Beds or crates are meant for dogs’ comfort.

What Kind of Dog Beds are There?

Dogs’ beds should be comfortable for your pet. Simple or fancy hardly matters. Firstly it should be relaxed, no matter whether it is like a pillow or a designer bed with laces.

Choosing a bed ultimately depends on your taste, decor, and your pup’s size but most importantly, on the dog’s comfort. Pets cannot say their needs; hence the parents must understand this. Soft and comfy beds are most recommended for dog beds for small dogs.

Types of dog beds for small dogs: 

  • Flat pads or mats: These are cheaper in comparison to fancy beds and fit in crates.
    Dog Beds for Small Dogs
  • Nesting/Snuggle beds: These are like bean bag chairs and are often preferred by small dogs as they love to curl up.
    Making A Choice for Dog Beds for Small Dogs
  • Cuddler/Best beds: This style comes in the “traditional” oval bowl shape. Waterproof beds are best suited for dogs that are habitual of wetting their beds.
  • Homemade beds: This is the best bed, as one can design it according to their pets’ needs. It is inexpensive and is best suited for small pups. Small dogs need more care and hence need customized beds which can be made.Making A Choice for Dog Beds for Small Dogs

Best Dog Beds for Small Dog

Out of so many dog beds in the market, selecting the best dog bed for your pup takes a lot of work. Various factors must be considered before choosing a bed for your dog.

Consulting one’s veterinarian to understand your dog’s needs is extremely necessary. 

  1. A good size: The bed should be the appropriate size for your dog. The mattress should be reasonably sized so that the pet’s limbs are not hanging out.
  2. Easy washability: Dogs, even when trained well, often mess up their beds. Dogs do endless things like wiping their ointments, and they leave their food on beds. Some dogs urinate in their beds. Thus, mattresses that are easy to wash are of much help.
  3. Safety: For small dogs, safety is a must and is very important. Thus place their bed in a place where no one trips over the bed or dog. Also, if the dog chews away everything, make sure that there are no ribbons or buttons. Mistakenly chewing or swallowing the wrong things can bring urgent surgery. Remove the ribbons and buttons or purchase “chew-proof” beds now available.
  4. Stuffing that best suits your dog: Young, warm, healthy dogs can get comfort from inexpensive stuffing like foam filling. However, older dogs, no matter big or small, need more comfortable and supporting beds. Some beds use high-quality foam that gets thicker and of higher quality. But foam is not suitable for arthritic dogs. There are many more types of stuffing. Beds are available with gel filling. This is highly relaxing for aging dogs. It distributes the weight more evenly, making it more comfortable than foams.
  5. The environment: Those who are concerned with using beds of materials that don’t harm the environment must look for environment-friendly materials. Materials like Bamboo and other eco-friendly materials are used for making beds.
  6. Absorbent pads: Dog beds with pads are most comfortable for young pups. When your dog wets the bed, the absorbent pad absorbs and keeps the pet dry. Later these pads can be removed or washed.


However, one should do research before selecting a bed for their dog. Also, a veterinarian can be consulted before choosing a bed to meet your dog’s needs. One method of selecting the best mattress is that you can visit multiple stores and tell them your requirements.

The comfortable bed for your dog makes it feel safe and hence is the best resting place. For small dogs, beds that provide safety and security are necessary. Small dogs are delicate and need more care.

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