How To Choose The Right Dog Bed Extra Large For Your Pet

Dog bed extra large

Dog bed extra large mattresses are essential for any dog. As beds provide relaxation and comfort to human beings, in the same way, a dog also gets all the comfort through a bed. A dog should not be allowed to sleep on the floor or under the couch or bed.

This leads to diseases or health issues such as rashes, itching, arthritis, and joint issues. Because as they grow up, their age increases and similar to human beings, they need to be taken care of. So only a good dog bed concerning their size should be given to sleep more comfortably and enjoy their own space.

Benefits of Dog Bed Extra Large

benefits of Dog sleeping

Large dog beds are specially designed for large dog breeds such as German Shepherds, Saint Bernards, etc. These large dog beds give extra space and comfort compared to regular-sized beds and are designed with high-quality materials. Here are some of the benefits of having an extra large dog bed:

  • Deals with joint issues: As the dog ages, it develops joint issues leading to discomfort and becoming unhealthy. This might be due to the discomfort of a bed. So a comfortable space to lie on and relax has to be provided for a dog. A large dog bed with foam reveals joint pain. 
  • Supports the weight of large dogs: As large dogs weigh more, an extra large bed should be made to fit their body. If small beds are given, they might crumble or break due to their weight. 
  • Comfort and security: Beds should comfort the dogs and make them feel secure in their own space. Dog beds extra large are made with extra foam and high care, giving comfort and warmth, especially to extra large dogs. 
  • Preserves your furniture: Many people do not know large beds do exist for large dogs and allow the dog to sleep anywhere they want to. This leads to spoiling your furniture or scratching. If an extra large dog bed is given, it prevents spoiling the home furniture. 

Best Extra Large Dog Beds

extra large dog beds

As mentioned earlier, some large dog breeds require extra large dog beds with fine Material and high-quality foam.

According to those types of dogs activities and features, here are some of the best large dog beds:

  • Orthopaedic dog bed: This is specially designed for dogs that help to recover from joint pains and arthritis problems. This supports a weight of 300lbs available in sizes M, L, XL, and XXL. The best feature is that it can be easily washable and has a waterproof cover. It is long-lasting and has a 20-year warranty and a month-free dog trial.
  • Big Barker extra large bed: This is certified as the best and biggest dog bed that is great for hips and comfortable with three-layered foam. This foam gives support to the dogs and is easy to clean. This bed has a 10-year warranty. Most important is it has pillow support also along with the bed.
  • Bully Beds chew-resistant: Some large breeds chew, which is a regular habit. So those dogs should buy chew-resistant large beds. Bully beds offer this feature with a 200-day chew warranty and can be replaced often. This is made up of non-toxic Material and is removable and washable.

How to Choose the Perfect Extra-large Dog Bed?

To choose the right bed for extra large dogs, there are some points to be taken care of. They are: 

  • Breed 
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Regular activities
  • Age and habits
  • sleeping position
  • health condition

These are some points to consider when buying an extra large dog bed:

Dog bed extra large

  • Choosing the right spot: Before finding the perfect Dog bed extra large for your pet, you need to find a sweet and suitable spot for your dog bed. Before finalizing the dog bed, one must finalize the spot to keep this. In this way, you will have a clearer idea of what you need to buy, avoiding unnecessary spacing problems.  
  • The Material used: Depending on the large breeds and their weight, the finest and high-quality Material has to be chosen. Materials such as cotton canvas can be chosen as this is very thick and strong enough to withstand a large dog. Moreover, it is chew-resistant and comfortable for snuggling. Also, materials such as polyester, vinyl, and faux leather can be considered fluffy and soft for the dogs to relax.
  • Size: Since we are looking for an extra large dog bed, make sure to have a bed that is greater than extra large. Size is an important factor for a bed, especially for large breeds, and to ensure safety, always opt for extra inches than your dog’s size and weight.
  • Durability: Purchasing any bed is not important, but the quality should be long-lasting. Large dogs are aggressive and need durable beds to prevent chewing or tearing them with their paws.
  • Colours: Dogs also look at different colours, and some act according to the colours. Some dogs dislike a few colours because some might have dirt on the light-coloured beds. So it is better to prefer dark colours where dirt cannot be seen. Light colours, such as pastel colours, should be avoided to prevent them from snuggling in that dirt.

Final Thoughts

As we human beings need a bed for comfort, in the same way, dogs also need a bed to comfort themselves. Large breeds differ from normal dogs as large dogs have different physical bodies with big legs and heavy weights. These dogs have more weight on their joints and organs and experience pains leading to abnormalities.

If extra large dog beds are provided to large breed dogs, the dogs feel comfortable in their own space. The owners can choose their dog beds by looking into the mentioned benefits and the best large dog beds. At the end of the day, dogs are friendly and kind-hearted and should be treated with the same amount of love and care as humans. 

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